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Pegatron denies China Watch claims

by on29 August 2016

We don't break Apple's 60 hours per week maximum

Chinese Apple partner Pegatron has denied breaking the 60 hour work week set by Jobs' Mob.

An allegation was made by China Labor Watch last week that accused the iPhone manufacture of having workers at its factory in Shanghai, eastern China, work more than 80 hours a week. This is far more than the weekly maximum of 60 hours set by Apple and double what European and US workers are expected to do.

According to China Labor Watch, a worker at the factory worked 109 overtime hours in March 2016 and recorded a total working time of 293 hours in the month.While Apple insists trainees cannot work overtime,  Pegatron hired a large number of trainees and allowed them to work 80 hours in total a week, China Labor Watch said.

Pegatron offers training and appropriate protection for all of workers and electronically records on and off duty times, the company said. Currently, over 95 percent of all workers at the factory work for no more than 60 hours and up to six days a week,

Pegatron offers a basic wage rate higher than the minimum wage rate specified by the local government, the company emphasised. Pegatron has appropriated an office for the factory's labor union to facilitate workers' access to the union, the company added.

Last modified on 29 August 2016
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