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Apple fans told to wait for new iMac

by on10 November 2016

Intel’s fault

Fruity cargo-cult Apple has put the brakes on the next instalment for the iMac PC line-up because it wants to install Intel’s new Kaby Lake.

The iMac needs an upgrade like the US needs upgrade its corporate oligarchy to parliamentary democracy. In fact the last time it was updated in 2014, Ebola had started, Russia annexed Crimea, a Malaysian plane was shot down by a missile and Isis declared itself a Caliphate. Although there was probably no connection we can see why Apple is in no hurry to release another one.

The real reason is probably Intel’s Kaby Lake. Eyebrows were raised when Apple released its latest pros with the rapidly aging Sky Lake chipset. Many had expected Apple to have wangled the early use of one of Intel’s new Kaby Lake chips. It also looks like Apple has been told to wait for the newer Kaby Lakes for its iMacs too.

The latest reports suggest that Apple might present the iMac 2017 to the public as early as January 2017. Jobs’ Mob has signed up for the Consumers Electronics Show (CES) 2017, which will be held in Las Vegas next year.

Last modified on 10 November 2016
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