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HP shuts down FTP and Telnet protocols on printers

by on07 December 2016

Better safe than sorry

HP has decided to shut down aging FTP and Telnet protocols on some of its elderly printers.

Some of HP's new business printers will, by default, be closed to remote access via protocols like FTP and Telnet. However, customers can activate remote printing access through those protocols if needed.

HP said it has started closing older, less-maintained interfaces including ports, protocols and cipher suites which have been named by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology as less than secure.

HP also announced firmware updates to existing business printers with improved password and encryption settings, so hackers can't easily break into the devices. As older protocols like Telnet and FTP go out of fashion, HP will make printers accessible using more secure and modern techniques.

Most HP printers are wireless and HP has been adding better authentication. HP announced new features and services in its Secure MPS program to secure hardware and protect documents. Essentially, it tries to keep hackers from breaking into printing environments and ensure documents are printed by authorised personnel.

HP will customise security plans for managed print services and ensure compliance requirements are met. In addition, HP is providing new tools for reporting and remote management.

Last modified on 07 December 2016
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