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LG to double large OLED production

by on09 January 2017

Will also increase small flexible OLED production

LG Display will double its output of large OLED panels and continuously increasing production of small flexible OLED panels for smartphones to attract more attention to the technology.

CEO Han Sang-beom told the assorted throngs at CES 2017 that the output of OLED TV panels in 2017 will be 1.8 million which is twice as much as last year (900,000) and output of OLED TV panels in 2018 will be 2.8 million.

“Our goal is to double this year’s sales from OLED TV panels from last year,” he said.

Currently LG Display can produce 34,000 8th generation OLED panels per month and is planning to increase this value to 60,000 per month sometime during this year due to increase in number of customers.

It will start flogging panels to Sony this year too.

LG Display still has not decided what it is going to do with the new P10 plant that is being constructed in Paju.

If LG Display decides to produce 8th generation panels at this plant, competitive edge in production cost will be lower. If it decides to produce 10th generation panels, it will have to come up with new production equipment which would be pricy but would stick it ahead in the technology race.

Han added that LG Display will decide on these details by end of June.

The Tame Apple Press has written LG Display off because Apple has changed to use panels from Samsung. This will reduce sales by a third.

LG Display will actively target Chinese customers and restore its decreased sales.

He added that ‘QLED TV’ that was introduced by Samsung Electronics this year was a naming which was increasing confusion amongst consumers since Chinese industries have put out similar technologies such as ULED and GLED.

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