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Intel claims Cannonlake improvements

by on10 February 2017

15 percent figure touted

Intel was showing a slide at its investor day yesterday which claims that Cannonlake will give a 15 percent performance improvement.

The slide had the heading 'Advancing Moore's Law on 14nm.' It shows that the Kaby Lake Core i7 CPUs delivered an approximate 15 percent performance uplift compared to Skylake Core i7 CPUs.

Intel’s Eighth generation core processors will be its first 10nm CPUs and 15 percent is supposed to be across the board, with even better performance on the top end chips.

Chipzilla showed off its first Cannonlake powered PC system at CES 2017. It has tended to claim that 10nm will be keeping Moore’s Law alive although that is starting to look more like marketing as the time scales are being stretched out a bit.

Intel’s own slides show that Cannonlake's arrival time as being in H2 2017. However, the same slide tells us that Kaby Lake was delivered in H2 2016 when that was just a laptop first release with desktop processors only arriving in Q1 2017. Then Intel will
continue to refine its 10nm CPUs until its 7nm facility comes on line in 2020.

However, AMD is starting to get its Ryzen and its 8C/16T processors into the shops soon so Intel will have a fight on its hands.

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