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Microsoft’s new "notebook" Surface Book set to do well

by on17 March 2017

Suppliers are rubbing their paws with glee

Software King of the World Microsoft’s new Surface Book reportedly entered mass production and suppliers are expecting it to be a gold mine.

Digitime’s “industry sources” think that Microsoft is likely to announce the new notebook at the end of March or April. It will adopt a clamshell design instead of its traditional 2-in-1 and will have a cheaper starting price.

Vole has slashed the prices for its existing Surface Book products with a Core i5 128GB model dropping from US$1,499 to US$1,299. All this is traditional for Microsoft when it is about to release a new product and wants to get the old stuff out of its warehouse.

The new Surface Book continues to feature a 13.5-inch display and chassis made of magnesium-aluminium-alloy and will be priced at around $1,000.

Digitimes  thinks that Microsoft's decision to lower the price range for its new Surface Book is because the existing Surface Book's high price level has significantly limited demand, while the detachable design also created conflict with its Surface Pro product line in terms of product position. This was why Microsoft only shipped 500,000 Surface Books in 2016.

If it is pitched as a traditional notebook product and features a friendlier price level, the sources expect related shipments to reach 1.2-1.5 million units in 2017, while the Surface Pro, should see a 20 percent growth to reach six million units in 2017.

Last modified on 17 March 2017
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