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Musk wants to link his brain to a computer

by on28 March 2017

Could not find anyone else to do it

After hinting for a while that he would like to see better brain interfaces with computers and getting no takers, Elon Musk is doing it himself.

Musk is working on an outfit called Neuralink which his developing "neural lace" technology that would allow people to communicate directly with machines without going through a physical interface.

Neural lace involves implanting electrodes in the brain so people could upload or download their thoughts to or from a computer.

This would allow humans to achieve higher levels of cognitive function. One day it might be used to upload and download thoughts and move to the point where some form of singularity between man and machine is managed.

Sadly this does not mean that we will be able to transfer consciousness to a machine, it just means that we can upload our brains into them. We will die as we always have, but a machine that runs and thinks the same way as we do will continue running.

Last modified on 28 March 2017
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