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Google Home disrupts Android phones

by on01 May 2017

Guests get up in arms

It's only a few days since I reviewed Google Home but today it caused not only extreme embarrassment but distress to visitors here on the British May Day bank holiday.

I was showing off the not-quite-superlative virtues of Google Home on my little wi-fi pillar when complaints came aplenty from my lovely visitors who had Android based phones.

Linked in to my wi-fi network, Google Home appropriated their smartphones and when I asked a question, showing off as usual, my visitors said

  1. They didn't understand why Google Home suddenly started speaking to them,
  2. Their batteries suddenly got drained, and
  3. why their phones had suddenly picked up my weird music choices, such as Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames, the Animals, and Flower of Scotland.

I heard this all happen simultaneously and thought to myself “there's something wrong here”.

I attempted to contact Google on Google Home about the problem and the Google Assistant, in perfect received pronunciation, said: “I'm sorry, I don't understand that.”

This did not placate my visitors who all left in a huff saying: “Mike, that's the last time we come round to your yard. Google is hoovering up everything.”







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