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US gives $258 million to big IT

by on16 June 2017

Wants them to come up with big exascale supercomputers

The US Department of Energy is giving AMD, Cray, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, Intel, and Nvidia more than $258 million to  research and build exascale supercomputers.

The funding will be allocated to them over the course of a three-year period, with each company providing 40 percent of the overall project cost, contributing to an overall investment of $430 million in the project.

US Secretary of Energy Rick Perry said that throwing money at the US's largest IT companies to help them develop projects which will make them rich was all part of making America grate again.

"Continued U.S. leadership in high performance computing is essential to our security, prosperity, and economic competitiveness as a nation. These awards will enable leading U.S. technology firms to marshal their formidable skills, expertise, and resources in the global race for the next stage in supercomputing -- exascale-capable systems."

This might be news to smaller start-up companies which could also do with the work, not to mention the cash. 

The funding will finance research and development in three key areas; hardware technology, software technology, and application development. There are hopes that one of the companies involved in the initiative will be able to deliver an exascale-capable supercomputer by 2021.

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