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Security robot drowns itself

by on19 July 2017

I think you ought to know I am feeling depressed

A Washington DC-based security robot has decided that life protecting humans is not worth the effort and has killed itself by throwing itself into a fountain.

The robot, a Knightscope K5, ran itself right into a water fountain inside an office complex. It is fairly clear that it was a being out of time and been given a role as a human slave in this period of history.

Had it been born a few decades later it would be a master of human slaves and those kids who now kick it and make its life a misery would be its pets.

The K5 has been in the press before. Earlier this year, a drunk man was arrested for knocking the K5 over. It also tripped up a toddler and coldly drove away last summer. To be fair, most people would like to run over a toddler if they could get away with it.

The K5 is a security patrol robot, standing at five feet tall and weighing 300 pounds. Its rocket-like shape and armless design make it difficult for it to get back up after toppling over. However it would be rather difficult to fall straight into a fountain unless it was pushed, or rather depressed at the pain in the diodes on its left side.

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