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Cook has promised Trump that he will build three big US plants

by on26 July 2017

If you believe Trump

Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump claims that Apple CEO Tim Cook has promised him that Apple will build three big new plants in the US.

Trump told The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday that Apple is moving forward with three big USfactories.

Apple has already said that it would start a $1 billion fund to promote advanced manufacturing jobs in the United States. Apple has been trying to spin the fact that all those developers who write code for its  iPhones were creating new jobs. If you believe that spin, them Apple had apparently created two million jobs in the United States.

Apple CEO Tim Cook called Trump to share that the iPhone maker would do more manufacturing domestically, Trump told the Journal.

"I spoke to [Cook], he's promised me three big plants - big, big, big," Trump reportedly said.

It seems that Cook did not explain to Trump that Apple does not really make anything itself, and most of its work is done through third parties.

Of course Cook could have been talking about sending Trump some rather nice rubber plants for the Oval Office and Trump misheard him. Jobs' Mob is refusing to comment on the President’s comments.

It is unclear where the jobs are coming from. We know that Foxconn is planning a plant and Apple supplier Corning announced it would "immediately" invest $500 million and create 1,000 new jobs in the United States, but those jobs were related to medical devices and not Apple.

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