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Steve Jobs saw iPod shuffle as a “gateway drug”

by on07 August 2017

Got you hooked on the cult

Steve Jobs saw the iPod shuffle as a cheap way of getting young kids hooked on the Apple cult.

The fruity cargo-cult has finally pulled the plug on the shuffle, but it seems that Steve Jobs had darker motivations for keeping the project going.

Backchannel's Steven Levy said that Jobs told him in 2005, it made the perfect [cheap] gift for brainwashing young kids into the ways of the Apple.

"I will go buy them one of these for 100 bucks apiece," he told Levy, referring to why the Shuffle was an especially appropriate gift for his daughters, six and nine at the time. "They'll probably lose them in 60 days. But they'll get into it this way."

“Into it” means hooked on buying expensive gear without referencing common sense. However it is interesting that the modern Apple no longer sees the need to “get kids hooked” on gateway products any more.

Perhaps that is the reason the Apple cult is not doing so well as it depends on its large user base of addicts rather than trying to brainwash kids.

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