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Asustek’s ZenFone 4 launched today

by on22 September 2017

Zenfone 5 March next year 

Asustek has announced that it will release its next-generation ZenFone 5 family products at the earliest in March 2018.

Asus launched the ZenFone 4 Pro today, which is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon, the world’s first commercial smartphone to have gigabit LTE and 802.11ad multi-gigabit Wi-Fi technologies, delivering ultra-fast gigabit connectivity indoors and on the go which is a significant milestone for the mobile industry. 

The outfit had a few problems flogging its ZenFones even if they were pretty good mid-range items. However now CEO Jerry Shen says that will turn around with the ZenFone 4 and a dose of restructuring.

Shen is currently leading a trade mission to promote the company's ZenFone 4 in Europe.

Sales of Asustek's ZenFone 3 devices have been gaining momentum in France, Italy, Spain and Russia, and the sales momentum is expected to continue on ZenFone 4 products as the company is expanding its cooperation with telecom operators in the region, Shen added.

Asustek's smartphone business is expected to swing back to profitability in the fourth quarter of 2017, Shen said, adding that by the third quarter of 2018 Asustek is likely to be one of the most profitable seven smartphone vendors globally, Shen said.


Last modified on 22 September 2017
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