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Multi-channel wi-fi antennas are good to go

by on05 December 2017

For higher density wi-fi networks

Edgewater Wireless Systems has teamed up with  Galtronics to produce what they have called the world's first antenna solution designed specifically for multi-channel wi-fi products.

 The innovative antennas are designed to work with OEM products powered by WiFi3 Multi-channel radio cards and chipsets.

The antennas have also been integrated into a reference design for an innovative product being developed in partnership with an OEM and licensing customer.

Edgewater Wireless Product VP, Eric Smith said this is the world's first antenna developed specifically for multi-channel wi-fi.

"It is a tremendous accomplishment by two Canadian companies to design and produce antennas to make WiFi work better in network applications worldwide. The team at Galtronics brought their immeasurable expertise in wireless antenna design and development to make this ground-breaking innovation possible."

The internalized multi-channel antennas can easily be integrated into any series of WiFi3 powered OEM wireless products. The antennas maximize the zone control and performance of each channel operating on a multi-channel wi-fi radio - optimising performance of such innovative features as PowerZoning  which is the outfit's interference mitigation technology.

Edgewater's wi-fi is designed for high-density applications. Edgewater's patented technology mitigates adjacent and co-channel interference to enable multiple, concurrent channels to transmit and receive from a single wi-fi standards-compliant radio. Delivering the highest channel density in the industry means fewer access points and a better service for users.

Last modified on 05 December 2017
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