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Iranians purged from Apple's app store

by on16 March 2018

Inquisition against a rival religion 

The fruity cargo cult Apple has decided that if you are Iranian, you are automatically forbidden to enter Apple heaven.

Iranian users have not been able to access Apple's App Store all day today, in what appears to be a ban put in place by Jobs' Mob.

According to Bleeping Computer Users were not able to connect to the Apple App Store to install or update applications. When visiting the App Store, they were instead greeted with the message "The App Store is unavailable in the country or region you’re in".

This ban appears to be IP-based, and Iranians who use VPNs can still get in despite having Iran-related details set on an account.

One Iranian Apple fanboy tweeted: "[AppStore] why is Iran blocked from the list of countries able to download or update the applications which are available for all the world?," a user rhetorically asked on Twitter. "We are also human, and we pay for your products. We should be able to use App Store!"

In August 2017, Apple removed all apps created by Iranian developers from the App Store, attributing the move to US-imposed economic sanctions. However, the sanctions were lifted, and despite blustering tweets from Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump they have not been re-imposed.  In fact, the US appears to be on its own when it comes to sanctions against Iran.  Europe wants to keep trading now that the Iranians are not working on nukes, it is mostly the Saudis, Israelis, Americans and apparently Apple which want to keep Iran from being a part of the world community.

Iran's Telecommunication Minister said the ban of Iranian-made apps would probably have a limited effect on the country's economy and tech industry, as the US company had only an 11 percent market share in the country, according to a report from the New York Times. That is not bad considering the outfit does not have an official presence in Iran.  Still, some of the tweets from angry Iranians might mean that will be reduced soon. 


Last modified on 16 March 2018
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