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Intel abandons its PC model

by on26 April 2018

You're all left in the lurch

But we knew that, didn't we?

Tiny chip company Intel confirmed it's getting out of X86 PCs – apart from Xeons – and into other things (IOT) -  get it?

Reporting its first quarter sales, Intel remained bullish.

As long as I've covered Intel, it's been a bullish firm, ever when it's screwed up – and it has, many a time. I think the McAfee acquisition was really something that Andy Grove would have made  him turn in his grave. I met Andy Grove a couple of times – he was a very straightforward kind of a guy and didn't mind difficult questions.

He was a bit paranoid about the semiconductor business, though. And who can blame him?

Intel isn't short of a penny or two, that's for sure – but many questions remain about Chipzilla's future. It seems to have very few new ideas.

Its sales for its first quarter amounted to a not insignificant $16.1 billion – that's 13 percent up over the same quarter last year. 

Strangely, for Intel, it didn't say how much gross profit or net profit it made during the quarter, as far as we at Fudzilla can see.

CEO Brian Krzanich puffed up his firm by reciting a bit of a PR mantra. He said: “The strength of Intel's business underscores my confidence in our strategy and the unrelenting demand for computed performance fueled [sic] by the growth of data.”

All a bit vague. Only real men have fabs, and Krzanich didn't seem to want to talk about anything except data centres or the effect its business changes might have on the real people that work – or used to work – in those very expensive semiconductor factories. Or its shareholders.  

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