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Robot machine guns jihadists

by on02 May 2018

Protecting football fans

A machine gun armed robot was used by Russian counter terrorism troops to wipe out a terrorist cell to clear the way for the World Cup.

One of the most significant concerns about the World Cup in Russia is that terrorists might use the event in some suicide raid and so Russia is attempting to wipe out as many terrorist cells as possible. While that is to be expected, the fact that Putin's forces used a robot to take out a terrorist cell in Dagestan is new.

A video where a small armed robot is seen approaching the property to engage the jihadists has ended up on YouTube.  It is credited with killing six members of the death cult.  Video and audio recordings taken by the robot reveal the voices of rebels shouting 'Allahu Akbar', followed by an explosion, it was reported.

The machine was mounted with armament and appeared to be being controlled remotely

"Guns, bullets, knives and grenades were discovered at the scene", said a statement from the Russian Investigative Committee, which probes serious crime.

A handmade bomb, equal in power to five kilograms of TNT, was discovered before the house went up in flames. As many as 11 terrorists were killed during multiple flare-ups in the region which borders Azerbaijan and Georgia

Guns, bullets, knives and grenades were discovered at the stronghold in Dagestan.

The 'Black Standard' flag of ISIS was discovered inside the property. Special forces asked for their documents and the "terrorists took out their guns and opened fire", reported the Investigative Committee.

"No police or civilians were injured during the incident."


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