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Fujitsu announces special K supercomputer

by on18 May 2018

100 times faster than regular K and packed with vitamins and minerals

Fujitsu has unveiled a prototype of a next-generation supercomputer dubbed “post-K” to the media. The machine is expected to calculate 100 times faster than the K supercomputer, which is currently operating in Kobe.

The firm uses ARMv8 based CPUs in a rack that can hold about 100 substrates.

Fujitsu said it would speed up its verification of the computer’s performance so that it can start producing the computer this fiscal year.

The post-K is being jointly developed by Fujitsu, the Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ministry and RIKEN.

With world-class calculation speeds and energy-saving performance, the advanced computer is expected to be useful in various fields such as medicine, disaster prevention and industrial technologies.

The Post-K machine is supposed to have 100 times more application performance than the K Supercomputer – which would make it a 1,000 PFLOPS device.

But the project has fallen behind schedule. It was first commissioned in 2014 and was supposed to be ready for 2020.  However it took time for engineers to sort out the ARM chips and word on the street was that it would two years late.  The prototype being ready at least shows the development is moving.

The Post-K's ARM processors are likely to be 10nm FinFET chips fabricated by TSMC, and will feature high-bandwidth memory and the Tofu 6D interconnect mesh [PDF] that's used in the K Computer.

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