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Graphics market is a switchback ride

by on29 May 2018

No kidding. What goes up, must go down

I dunno, dear readers of Fudzilla, if you've ever been on a rollercoaster?

The screams as people go through the ups and downs of a rollercoaster at breakneck speed is certainly something that is worth doing, at least once. I won't do it again - it's frightening! The graphics market goes through this ordeal every quarter.

So it was with interest that we read Jon Peddie's quarterly report on graphics – we think that every quarter for at least the last 16 years, we've seen the slings and arrows of outrageous graphics fortunes won and lost browsing his facts and his figures.

His latest report makes most interesting reading. It's 111 pages long, but here's a quick summary.

Let's get the stats out of the way first, before we dig a bit deeper.  Here's Jon's stats, in brief: AMD had 34.9 percent market share the in the first quarter this year, while Nvidia had 65.1 percent. Last year, AMD had 27.5 percent while NVDA had 72.5 percent.

So how about the underlying meat? The add in boards people amount to just 48 which, as Mr Peddie points out, are “partners”. He doesn't use the word victims. That's our word.

The artificial intelligence (AI) market rose by 6.4 percent, compared to the desktop PC market, which fell by 24.5 percent.

Peddie said that the gaming PC market is “vibrant”.  The market for gaming machines is “robust”.

Intel doesn't figure very much in the figures, says Peddie,  and its “new” Enthusiast PC won't show in the numbers.

VR hasn't yet come to fruition. Meanwhile, the channel – that is to say distributors and dealers – have to dump, our words not his, existing stocks, which could well make for some reasonable prices if you keep your eyes peeled.

Peddie is pretty reliable  - he's been tracking the graphics market since goodness knows when.

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