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Largest Apple collection up for sale

by on18 October 2018

Or it might be destroyed

An Austrian computer repairman who collected the world’s biggest collection of old Apple computers has warned it will all be destroyed unless someone takes it off his hands.

Roland Borsky from Vienna was involved in the very lucrative business of fixing borked Apple computers. That was until Apple started insisting that all Apple repairs needed to be conducted in house.

During that time he collected 1,100 Apple computers, which is far more than the 472 items at Prague’s Apple Museum, which claims to be the world’s biggest private collection of Apple gear.

He moved most of the gear to a warehouse and now his Apple repairs work has dropped down the loo, Borsky cannot afford the rent on his warehouse. He hopes that a benefactor will put his collection on display and pay off his debt of 20,000-30,000 euros ($23,000-35,000).

If he does not get the cash soon, he will shred the whole collection.

He has already put his computers on display as part of temporary exhibitions in Vienna, but he hopes the collection will find a permanent home.  We would have thought that anyone who spent their life repairing borked Apple machines would find a certain joy in seeing them shredded. As a former Apple II user I can say the sight would cheer me up on a Thursday.


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