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Apple fanboys spend fortune bypassing "perfect" design

by on04 December 2019

Tame Apple press fumes

The Tame Apple Press is incandescent with rage as Apple fanboys are apparently splashing out $60 to make their wireless airbuds wired again.

Apple forced fanboys to move to expensive wireless earbuds presumably in the hope that they would keep losing them and have to buy replacements.

However, a  Swedish company called Tapper created a reassuringly expensive ($60) wire which has a strap hangs around the neck, and a magnetic socket at each end, where the headphones can be placed.

The Tame Apple Press is screaming for blood and claiming that such people who make that sort of investment are stupid. Of course, it assumes that making an investment in Apple gear is somehow sensible.

TAP hacks have been interviewing their wordprocessors quoting shedloads of outraged fanboys who apparently say things like

The strap to hold together wireless pods - just like a conventional set of old-fashioned headphones - was mocked by social media users.

“A $60 (£49.31) string to turn your wireless headphones into wired headphones.”

'You can charge them by putting a wireless charger in my iPillow, and if it explodes while I'm sleeping, put me to rest in my iCoffin that I bought for a measly $12,399.99 (9542.60)."


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