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Huawei will install Harmony in new products

by on09 December 2019

Just not on phones, tablets, and computers

Chinese tech giant Huawei Technologies plans to equip more of its products with its Harmony operating system (OS) next year, and will promote them at home and abroad, the company said.

However, there are no plans to roll out the OS to its phones, tablets, and computers, among Huawei’s most popular products. We think this basically leaves tellies and the Internet of Things stuff.

The Shenzhen Special Zone Daily newspaper cited comments made by Wang Chenglu, president of the Huawei consumer business group’s software division.

A “smart screen”, or connected television product was its first product to use Harmony, called Hongmeng in Chinese, but it said at the time that it would stick to Android for smartphones and gradually roll out Harmony to other devices such as smartwatches, speakers and virtual reality gadgets.

Wang reiterated that stance at the store event and noted the company would still prefer to use Android on its phones.


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