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Wyld Networks sees a future in Mesh

by on12 May 2020

Mashing up the mesh

Wyld Networks, which is promoting its mobile mesh networks and wireless IoT connectivity, is finding backers from investors wondering what life will be like after the COVID 19 virus passes.

The outfit has secured a new £400,000 investment, in the form of a Convertible Unsecured Loan Note, to strengthen its growing pipeline of opportunities in mobile mesh networks and wireless IoT connectivity.

Wyld claims its patent-pending, mesh technology is ideally suited to manage access and social distancing within communities to help reduce the potential spread of viruses. Wyld’s mobile device-to-device notification and location based geofencing capabilities can help people in healthcare, retail, transportation, manufacturing and office environments get back to work safely and stay informed.

Wyld's IoT partnership with one of the world's largest satellite companies will enable mass sensor-to-satellite growth for agriculture, transportation and environmental management. This partnership will deliver data flow from low-power sensors wherever they are in the world, including where there is no alternative or affordable connectivity option available. Everything from soil moisture sensors and weather stations for farming, to asset tracking in logistics will benefit from seamless, globally connected LoRaWAN coverage.

Alastair Williamson, CEO of Wyld Networks said this new investment strengthens Wyld's position and enables the outfit to provide advanced IoT solutions to a growing list of customers and with the predicted exponential growth of mobile mesh and IoT applications, and is ideally placed to take "advantage of these exciting opportunities".

Last modified on 12 May 2020
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