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Chrome on phone finally moves to 64-bit

by on06 July 2020

Might see a speed boost from its normal pace

Google Chrome has finally moved to 64-bit despite the technology been around for years.

Virtually all Android devices are capable of running 64-bit software but Google Chrome has never made the jump and is only available in a 32-bit flavour.

This has meant some unnecessary security and performance degradations.

However starting with Chrome 85, phones running Android 10 and higher will automatically receive a 64-bit version.

When compared in a number of Octane 2.0 benchmarks, the 64-bit version got consistently better results than the 32-bit version. It's possible that there have been other optimisations that make Chrome 85 faster than 83 -- the architecture is not necessarily all there is to it.

The benchmark results suggest that there are some enhancements.


Last modified on 06 July 2020
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