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Apple is trying to block a forced labour law

by on23 November 2020

Human rights, Apple has heard of it.

Apple lobbyists are trying to weaken a new law aimed at preventing forced labour in China, the Washington Post reports.

The Post quotes two congressional staffers familiar with the matter, highlighting the clash between its business imperatives and Jobs’ Mob’s official stance on human rights.

The Uyghur Forced Labour Prevention Act would require US companies to guarantee they do not use imprisoned or coerced workers from the predominantly Muslim region of Xinjiang.

Academic researchers estimate the Chinese government has placed more than a million people into internment camps. Apple is heavily dependent on Chinese manufacturing, and human rights reports have identified instances in which alleged forced Uighur labour has been used in Apple’s supply chain.

Apple is one of many US companies that oppose the bill as it’s written. They declined to disclose details on the specific provisions Apple was trying to knock down or change because they feared providing that knowledge would identify them.

Cathy Feingold, director of the international department for the AFL-CIO, which has supported the bill said: “Apple would like is we all just sit and talk and not have any real consequences. They're shocked because it's the first time where there could be some actual effective enforceability."


Last modified on 23 November 2020
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