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Apple pays millions to make sex tape go away

by on14 June 2021

Unfortunately not the Apple sponsored movie 

Fruity cargo cult Apple paid a multimillion-dollar settlement to a woman after iPhone repair techs posted risque pictures and her sex tape from her phone to Facebook.

According to the Telegraph, the unnamed Oregon college student "sent her phone to Apple for repairs after it stopped working" in 2016, and the iPhone ended up at Apple-approved repair contractor Pegatron.

Two iPhone repair technicians in Sacramento, uploaded "10 photos of her in various stages of undress and a sex video" to her Facebook account, resulting in "severe emotional distress" for the young woman, according to the Telegraph's review of legal records.

Pegatron, a major Apple manufacturer with facilities across the globe, had to reimburse Apple for the settlement and face insurers who didn't want to pay for it, according to the news outlet.

The Tame Apple Press is swift to point out that the event was not sanctioned by Apple which was just having to step in to handle the misdeeds of employees.

In 2019, a California woman alleged that an Apple store employee had texted a private picture on her phone to himself. That employee was no longer working for the company after Apple conducted its investigation.

Apple store employees at a Brisbane, Australia, location were fired in 2016 for taking candid pictures of female employees and customers' bodies and stealing photos from consumers' phones to rank their bodies.

"Apple keeps a firm grip on the repair of its devices, arguing that allowing only approved retailers and vendors to repair its products ensures the privacy of its customers", the article points out.

However, the lawsuit does poke holes in Apple's insistance that only authorised retailers can be trusted to keep customer information secure. Ironically Apple paid a fortune for heavy product placement in a movie about a sex tape which goes missing called "sex tape". 


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