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Apples' antitrust woes still to arrive

by on26 October 2021

US Department of Justice case about to happen

While the Tame Apple Press declared that the fruity cargo cult Apple “won” its legal battle with Epic Games, it seems that its antitrust woes have just started.

Even if you realise that the Epic Games case is far from over, it has to be acknowledged that the worst is about to happen with the US Department of Justice case likely to happen soon.

In the last several months the US Department of Justice has accelerated its two-year-old antitrust probe of the iPhone maker increasing the likelihood of a lawsuit.

Since summer, there has been a flurry of activity on the investigation as DOJ lawyers have asked Apple and its customers and competitors questions about how the company maintains its strict control over the iPhone, the people said. That includes a new round of subpoenas sent to Apple's business partners over the summer, according to people familiar with the matter.

Even the Tame Apple Press thinks that this this lawsuit will be the “biggie” even if it is unknown what the charges will be. The DOJ has also assigned more staff to the probe, that person said. The extra staff have been finding even more skeletons in Apple’s closets and some of them are rather serious, according to DOJ sources.

Last modified on 26 October 2021
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