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Tencent working on three chips

by on03 November 2021

Seems everyone wants to be US free

Chinese technology giant Tencent said it is making progress in semiconductor chip development and investment.

Best known for computer games and social media app WeChat, Tencent has been steadily investing in research and development of semiconductors, along with other Chinese tech firms.

A company official said that facing scenarios with strong business needs, Tencent has had a long-term plan and investment for chip R&D. He then flagged advances in three directions which apparently was not a new chinese boy band like the crowd expected.

Tencent is making a chip for AI computing called Zixiao, another for video processing, known as Canghai, and a chip for high-performance networks that is designated Xuanling.

The company also announced its Orca cloud operating system.

Tencent are not the only Chinese company designing chips to escape the whims of the US government. Ecommerce giant Alibaba, a Tencent competitor in China's market for cloud computing, unveiled a new server chip for data centres last month.

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi unveiled its Surge 1 chip for image processing in phone cameras this year.

All this will push China's push to boost the domestic semiconductor industry, which will free the countries dependence on the US and will probably eventually replace US chip makers completely.

Last modified on 03 November 2021
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