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Apple can't get sensors to go on watch

by on10 January 2022

Blood Pressure and glycose testing were vapourware 

The Tame Apple Press has been claiming that Apple’s watch will soon be able to measure the wearer’s glucose levels in a noninvasive manner and check their blood pressure.

However, now it is starting to look like the claim was pants and any attempts and testing glucose levels without requiring a blood sample were vapourware.

In his latest Power On newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman does his best to play down the fact that the Tame Apple Press has been talking rubbish for years, but he said that the technology was years away from development.

Gurman said that he wouldn’t be surprised if glucose monitoring would only arrive in the decade’s second half. The same is also being said of the blood pressure monitor, where Gurman expects it to only arrive in the next 2-3 years at least.

What is odd about all this is that Samsung have already introduced blood pressure monitoring with their latest smartwatches. Although users have to calibrate it with an actual blood pressure monitor.

So when users see things in the Tame Apple Press claiming that the Apple Watch Series 8 will have all sorts of features, chances are that it will only come with a new design do all the usual things.  It might even tell the type or be able to adapt to summer time correctly. 


Last modified on 10 January 2022
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