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China exports more electric cars than anyone else

by on10 March 2022

500,000 electric cars in 2021

China is now the world’s biggest exporter of electric cars.

The middle kingdom wrapped them and sent them to Europe and Southeast Asia.

According to the General Administration of Customs of China, the number of passenger EVs exported in 2021 increased 2.6 times to 499,573 units.

Germany doubled its exports to about 230,000 units, while the U.S fell 30 per cent to around 110,000 units, and Japan increased 24 per cent to 27,400 units.

China accounts for 60 per cent of global EV production and is emerging as the world's factory for EVs having already secured the same position in digital product manufacturing.

Exports to the EU grew in the wake of it announcing a policy to ban the sale of new hybrid and gasoline-powered vehicles in 2035. China's EV exports to Europe rose fivefold to 230,000 units, with the region absorbing half of China's total EV exports.

Belgium imported 87,000 units and the U.K. 50,000 units. Of the almost 500,000 units exported, more than 100,000 appear to have originated from Tesla's Shanghai plant.


Last modified on 10 March 2022
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