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Four new Zen 3 chips coming

by on10 March 2022

Mid-tier range

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn saying that AMD is about to release four, nice, shiny new mid-tier Zen 3 chips.

The Chinese source of the rumour says that two processors will come with 6-cores while the other two will come with 8-cores. The Ryzen 5-5500 will have 6-cores with 6 threads and no support for SMT.

The Ryzen 5-5600 will also have 6-cores but come with 12 threads.

The two 8-core chips will be the Ryzen 7-5700X and the Ryzen 7-5800X3D that AMD announced a few months ago. Both will come with 16-threads.

According to the rumor, these will be more affordable processors than AMD’s higher-end offerings. The 5500 will be offered at the same price as Intel’s 12100 Alder Lake processor, which comes in at US$122. As for the non-X/G 5600, it’ll supposedly be cheaper than the 12400 from Intel, which goes for less than $200.

The 5700X will be cheaper than the 12600KF, which retails for $264. There hasn’t been any pricing for the 5800X3D yet, so we’ll have to wait and see once these chips are officially unveiled.


Last modified on 10 March 2022
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