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LONGER LK5 Pro is affordable 3D printer

by on15 March 2022

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3D printers have been around for quite some time, but recently companies like LONGER are making the very interesting technology at an affordable price. The key difference from traditional printers is that you have the three dimensions and can create products, elements, and parts in all three dimensions.

Traditionally 3D printer is layering a printing material in X, Y, Z axes and is able to create rather complex objects.

The 3D printer solidifies or binds a liquid or powder at each spot in the horizontal cross-section where solid material is desired. In the case of 3D printing, the layering is repeated hundreds or thousands of times until the entire object has been finished throughout its vertical dimension. They are frequently used for prototyping and creating plastic and metal models of a future product, but in many cases, they can print a final product that one wants to send to a customer. 


Longer LK5 Pro FDM has a few excellent features at a very attractive price point. It comes 90 percent preassembled, and it uses a Stable Triangular Structure. The company calls LONGER LK5 Pro a professional FDM 3D Printer capable of printing 300x300x400mm models. 


Printing size is very important for any 3D printer as it defines the maximal size of a 3D printed object. Triangle design adds to the stability of a product and ensures fewer vibrations during the printing process. LONGER LK5 Pro uses dual inclined rods to hold the z-axis as a steady triangular structure for a better quality of 3D printing.

The product comes in a rather large box, and all the customer needs to do is follow ten easy steps. There is a great step-by-step video below.  

Step 1: Check the power supply voltage range 0:26
Step 2: Install the cantilever and Z-axis motor 0:39
Step 3: Install the gantry 03:00
Step 4: Install the diagonal rod 04:11
Step 5: Install the Z-axis fixed sheet metal 05:46
Step 6: Install the filament rack 06:34
Step 7: Install the touch screen 07:08
Step 8: Install the limit switch 07:34
Step 9: Install the latticed glass and cables 08:01
Step 10: Leveling the printing bed 10:05

LONGER LK5 PRO uses PLA Filament(1KG), and it is available on the manufacturer's website in white, brown, grey, black, and pink for different colors of the 3D models. PLA filament offers high dimensional accuracy, high purity and low shrinkage, 100 percent tangle-free, nontoxic, eco-friendly material, available at US and EU local storage.

LONGER LK5 PRO is an open-source printer utilizing quiet printing. It uses the TMC2208 chipset for X / Y / Z-axis positioning, and the motors ensure it stays very quiet during the process. The TMC2208 chipset is made in Germany. The printer also has a 4.3-inch full-color touch screen for better interaction via an intuitive user interface.


The FDM 3D printer is equipped with an upgraded ceramic coating glass for easily peeling off from the printer's base. It also comes with a high-temperature-resistant Teflon tube.

Being a professional 3D printer, the LK5 Pro is equipped with a high-temperature resistance Teflon tube to stand up to 280℃. The result of using the high-temperature resistance Teflon tube is reducing and eliminating clogs inside the printing tube nozzle. The high-temperature resistance Teflon tube ensures a consistent quality of printing and a reduction of downtime and maintenance.



For those who need more details, we will dig a bit deeper into the specs. The LK5 Pro uses FDM printing technology with a single extruder. The maximum printing object size is 300x300x400mm, and the nozzle diameter as at 0.4mm. It can print layers from 0.1 to 0.4 mm thickness. The LONGER LK5 PRO comes with a filament detector, heated bad, and supports resume printing feature. As mentioned above, it comes with a 4.3-inch color touch screen and has a printing speed of less than 120mm/s with suggested speeds of 60 to 80 mm/s.


It uses cure and repetier host slice software and supports G-Code, STL, or Obj files. It uses a USB cable connection and supports TF memory cards. Input voltage settles at 100-120V, AC 7A, or 200-240V  AC 3.5A at 50-60 Hz. Its output voltage is set to 24V.

The shipping package measures 622x588x193mm, and it supports 1.75mm PLA, ABS, and Wood as a material. The working temperature has been defined between 10 and 30 degrees Celsius, with 20 to 50 percent relative humidity. The net weight is 11 KG, while the gross weight settles at 14 KG.


LONGER LK5 PRO is available in both European and US warehouses, ensuring that the price you see in Euros will be the VAT price you pay. Customers from the UK will have to pay the customs while the US customers will get delivery from the US warehouse avoiding custom fees.

LONGER LK5 PRO in Europe sells for €329.99. The US warehouse sells the LONGER LK5 PRO US version is currently available at $334.99. Using the special portion code, one can get $20 off. LK5PRO$20OFF (-$20)

At these prices, one can get introduced to the world of 3D printing, get a quiet, high-quality device, and still ensure stability and excellent printing quality. LONGER LK5 PRO, with its unique features and a great price, looks like a great buy, and the fact that it comes 90 percent preassembled can save you a lot of time from opening the box to printing a first 3D model.


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