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Lennart Poettering quits Red Hat

by on06 July 2022

Surprise move by systemd developer

In a shock move for the systemd community, the systemd lead developer, Lennart Poettering, who also created PulseAudio, Avahi, has left Red Hat.

There has been no public announcement about the move but Poettering has been removed from Red Hat's internal employee database.

Poettering did tell the public Fedora devel mailing list he had created a personal Red Hat Bugzilla account for his Fedora contributions after it was raised in bug reports and brought up on the mailing list that Lennart's Red Hat account is disabled.

Emailing his Red Hat address this morning yields an auto-response that it's no longer in use.

Poettering is still active in systemd world with new commits made as of today, but no more Red Hat.


Last modified on 06 July 2022
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