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Yamaha allows you to use your smartphone to play music

by on22 July 2022

TurnT is a Bluetooth gimmick that mimics a real record

Yamaha’s new gimmick is called TurnT which is basically a Bluetooth speaker that uses a smartphone pretending that it is a classic vinyl record.

In order to work, it is not enough to connect the phone to the device, you have to download a dedicated app and use the smartphone as if it were a real LP.

An animation plays the vinyl on the display and the user has to put it down the mechanical arm on top to reproduce audio. To go forward or backward you have to move the stylus to where you want it, just like a real turntable.

Yamaha’s press release tells us: “If you’re listening to your favorite music if you want sweet background music before bed, if you want some relaxing background music, or if you play guitar and want an accompaniment to set the tempo, do you want to start ringing?

The idea is that you get a futuristic look with a vintage feel and emotion of vinyl.

Being old enough to know about the real thing, we think buyers would be fooling themselves. But fortunately it is still a good quality Bluetooth speaker.

Last modified on 25 July 2022
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