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Nvidia open sources 73k lines worth of header files

by on10 August 2022

For the 3D classes of the Ampere GPU

The GPU maker named after a Roman vengence daemon Nvidia has published 73k lines worth of header files to document the 3D classes for their Fermi through current-generation Ampere GPUs.

The lines of code have appeared on Nvidia's Open-GPU-Docs portal and cover the RTX 30 "Ampere" GPUs back through the decade-old GeForce 400/500 "Fermi" graphics processors. These header files define the classes used to program the GPU's 3D engine, the texture header and texture sampler layout along with a few other 3D-related programming gubbons.

While we have no idea how to use header files they apparently will be useful to open-source Nouveau driver developers and save time on reverse engineering as they work on Nvidia's forthcoming Open GPU Kernel Driver.

The new driver only for GeForce RTX 20 "Turing" series and newer, so providing documentation going back to Fermi should be a big help for those who want to work on older tech.


Last modified on 10 August 2022
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