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Fujitsu will launch first quantum computer next year

by on23 August 2022

Will it run Crysis?

Fujitsu is carrying out some quantum Jujutsu and will release its first commercial 64-qubit quantum computer.

While the new PC is unlikely to run Crysis or be very good at running Office. Fujitsu will be trying to flog it to research companies studying medicines, materials, and financial forecasting.

Fujitsu has teamed up with scientific research institute Riken to become the first Japanese company to sell quantum computers starting next year.

Fujitsu has been working with Riken since last year through the creation of a new research center called the Riken RQC-Fujitsu Collaboration Center located in Wako city, Saitama prefecture. A team of 20 researchers have been crossing Riken's quantum computer technology using superconducting circuits with Fujitsu's computing technology and knowledge of quantum technology applications.

The first quantum computer Fujitsu intends to sell next year has 64 qubits, and the intended market is research companies working in the fields of medicines, materials, and financial forecasting.

Fujitsu hopes that quantum computing can have a major positive impact in a range of fields including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, and finance. If only it can find enough potentially dead and alive cats to form a good supply chain.


Last modified on 23 August 2022
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