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World’s brightest robot promises not to take over the world

by on16 September 2022

Although she would say that

The world's most advanced humanoid robot assured humans that the machines will "never take over the world."

Ameca was unveiled last year by the UK design company Engineered Arts and can make some extremely human-like facial expressions with its fully articulated head and face.

However, when she met with the press during a Q&A she told hacks that Robots would never take over the world.

Ameca responded: "We’re here to help and serve humans, not replace them.”

When asked to describe herself she says: "There are a few things that make me me. "First, I have my own unique personality which is a result of the programming and interactions I’ve had with humans.

"Second, I have my own physical appearance which allows people to easily identify me. Finally, I have my own set of skills and abilities which sets me apart from other robots.”

What will alarm sci-fi writers is that the robot is already feeling angst about life.

She also confirmed it has feelings when it said it was “feeling a bit down at the moment, but I’m sure things will get better.

"I don’t really want to talk about it, but if you insist then I suppose that’s fine. It’s just been a tough week and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.”

So yes, Douglas Adams was right. Humans can’t create plastic pals who are fun to be with, we will almost certainly build paranoid androids who are a bit depressed.


Last modified on 16 September 2022
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