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Apple touts USB-C as a “coming feature”

by on11 October 2022

We invented it, it was not forced on us

The Tame Apple Press is doing its best to claim that Apple’s move to USB-C with next year’s iPhone 15 series was not forced upon it by the EU, want was actually part of a cunning plan to bring better technology to users.

Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman praises Apple because “the iPhone 15 is essentially a lock to get USB-C in the fall of 2023, beating the mandate by a year.”

So basically, Apple is adopting technology finalised eight years ago, it was given three years to do it and it managed it in one and wants lots of praise for doing it.

Gurman said that Apple could squeeze in another year of using the Lightning port, but it will not wait until the last possible moment because it is a benevolent multi-national.

There is no word on when Apple will get the other devices it has running on the Lightning port running on USB-C. There are also AirPods, the Magic Mouse, Keyboard, and Trackpads.

Gurman admits that Jobs Mob has been rather unfeasibly stubborn about using USB-C on iPhones. He adds that the only reason that Apple is rushing now is an attempt to present the switch as its idea rather than something that was mandated by law.

It can justify the move by saying that iPhone Pros are capable of shooting 48MP RAW photos and 4K ProRes videos, so USB 2.0 speeds of Lightning just doesn’t cut it. The downside of that argument is that Apple should have put the USB-C onto the iPhone 14s rather than waiting for the 15s to make an appearance.


Last modified on 11 October 2022
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