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Taiwan’s spooks say that there is no need to blow up TSMC fabs

by on13 October 2022

Planning if China does a Russia on Taiwan

Taiwan spooks have said it would be unnecessary to destroy TSMC fabs if China invades.

The US is worried that one of the reasons that China is so keen to invade Taiwan is because it would get its paws on fabs belonging to TSMC, UMC, and Micron.

A US army publication Parameters suggested that one of the potential responses to such a plan could be evacuating personnel and destroying the fabs, but this might be unnecessary, according to Taiwan’s National Security Bureau.

It said that even if China invades the island and seizes TSMC’s fabs without access to advanced equipment and ultra-pure raw materials, it will be impossible for China not only to keep developing leading-edge manufacturing nodes but to keep production on current technologies.

Chen Ming-tong, director-general of Taiwan’s National Security Bureau, told Taiwanese lawmakers this week: “Without components or equipment like ASML’s lithography equipment, without any key components, there is no way TSMC can continue its production. Even if China got a hold of the golden hen, it won’t be able to lay golden eggs.”

Another issue is that China must maintain relationships with the United States and the European Union, its two key trade partners. Furthermore, without access to manufacturing tools and technologies designed in America and Europe and without money from trade partners, China’s occupation of Taiwan might turn into a Pyrrhic victory.


Last modified on 13 October 2022
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