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Linux keyboard hits the shops

by on12 December 2022

Launch Heavy carries a hefty price tag

Mechanical keyboards often need to pay more attention to Linux support because manufacturers see developers as a little too niche and difficult to make a product which works. Now, Launch Heavy aims to fix those issues – at a price.

Released this week, the Launch Heavy is a Numpad-equipped version of the earlier 84-key Launch. The Launch Heavy's 105 keys aren't in a traditional layout. System76 had its way with the keys to the left of the numpad, getting rid of some completely. The Launch Heavy adds keys above the numpad for media control.

Unfortunately, there still need to be buttons for controlling the volume but you can’t have everything.

The Launch Heavy is only $14 more than the smaller Launch but coming in at $300 it is a lot to pay for a keyboard. Many will prefer one of the best wireless mechanical keyboards, something with volume keys, or building a mechanical keyboard for that price range instead.

However, the Launch series tinker-friendly one, from its open-source, QMK-based software for programming its keys and open-source chassis and PCB to the hot-swappable switches, which include two for the split spacebar. The series' handiest feature is the hub on the top of the keyboard's edge with four increasingly omitted USB-A ports.


Last modified on 12 December 2022
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