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Tate must regret taking on Thunberg

by on30 December 2022

Online spat led to charges of rape and human trafficking 

Ex-kickboxer and online influencer Andrew Tate who was “owned” by activist Greta Thunberg last week might be regretting the online spat as his posts gave away his location away to Romanian cops.

Last week, Tate showed off how many nice cars he had and tried to impress Thunberg with the size of his carbon footprint. It backfired somewhat when Thunberg replied implying that he might be over-compensating.


But the online spat attracted the attention of Romania’s anti-organised crime unit, which has been wanting to have a word with him, his brother and two others over an alleged human trafficking case.  The only problem was finding Tate, who for some reason did not want to help them with their inquiries, was a little difficult to track down.

After looking at the Twitter exchange a Romanian anti-organised crime unit raided Tate's properties, where they found six women who are alleged to have been sexually exploited by the suspects.

"The four suspects ... appear to have created an organised crime group to recruit, housing and exploit women by forcing them to create pornographic content meant to be seen on specialised websites for a cost," the prosecutors said.

A press release by Romania's Directorate for the Investigation of Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT), dated 29 December says five home search warrants were implemented in a case investigating "the crimes of constituting an organised criminal group, human trafficking and rape."

Tate, who has millions of social media followers, has gained notoriety for his misogynistic comments, which resulted in him getting banned from major social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube (some of the bans were later lifted).

He earns money by selling an online course called "Hustler's University 2.0," and runs an adult webcam business called "myfreecams." Originally operated out of the UK, Tate's myfreecams business resulted in a raid by the UK authorities after one of the women working for the site alleged Tate had hit her.

In a YouTube video dated May 2021, Tate said he then moved to Romania where the laws aren't as strict. 


Last modified on 30 December 2022
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