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UK chipmakers threaten to leave unless British government gets its act together

by on14 February 2023

Brexit leads to exit

UK chipmakers are threatening to move their operations to the US or Europe unless the government pulls its finger out and announce a semiconductor strategy.

CEOs of several UK chip startups are frustrated that the UK government still needs to put forward a plan to fund the region's semiconductor industry.

Meanwhile, the US prepares to divvy up $52 billion in tax breaks and subsidies to domestic chipmakers and the European Commission puts the final touches on its €43 billion Chips bill.

Ironically the UK chipmakers would not be complaining if it had not been for that pesky Brexit thing which would have seen them get piles of money. Post Brexit, the UK government promised that it would go to the chronically underfunded NHS. This was abandoned when the government decided that British nurses and doctors did not need funding, just for citizens to give them a clap for saving lives.

Pragmatic Semiconductor CEO Scott White said that it made sense to ship their businesses overseas.

IQE CEO Americo Lemos said that while the biz would like to stay in the UK, it had a duty to its shareholders to go where the money is and the government was not helping.

The government said it was "aiming to publish the forthcoming UK semiconductor plan as soon as possible" presumably it will arrive at about the same time as the Apple car.


Last modified on 14 February 2023
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