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AMD having problems with Windows 11

by on06 March 2023

Better to turn off Windows updates

AMD has a serious problem with Windows 11 updates and is suggesting that it be disabled if you want anything Radeonish to work.

Updating Radeon Software could cause severe issues and brick Windows installation in an "extremely small number of instances," AMD said

According to AMD, using the "Factory Reset" option when updating Radeon Software causes the Inaccessible Boot Driver error, rendering the operating system bricked.

The company says the issue occurs when the user updates the driver while installing Windows updates, such as the recently released Moment 2 update. AMD recommends not using the Factory Reset option and ensuring Windows Update is not operating before installing a new driver.

The issue is similar to one which we have been having with Radeon updates trying to upgrade the software. The upgrade will go through but Windows 11 immediately replaces it with an older driver. This problem has occurred in earlier windows versions but finding it make an appearance again on later Radeon and Windows software is surprising.

PCWorld says Windows' automatic recovery tools should fix the issue and get affected computers back into the working state once it is bricked. Alternatively, users can try using a system restore point. If nothing helps, reinstalling Windows 10 or 11 is the only way out.

Last modified on 06 March 2023
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