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Nvidia admits driver creates CPU spikes

by on07 March 2023

Which makes them hard to sit on but great for Mad Max 

The GPU maker named after a Roman vengence daemon, Nvidia has confirmed that its new driver has been creating usage spikes which require the system to be shut down.

The problem is with the latest driver update, 531.18, which was released on 28 February. One of the issues (number 4007208) reads, “Higher CPU usage from NVIDIA Container may be observed after exiting a game.”

Some users are showing CPU usage of up to 10-15 percent in these conditions which is really annoying especially if you use your PC for extremely demanding tasks like opening more than two Chrome tabs.

Nvidia says there is nothing you can do at the moment other than a reboot or roll back your driver to version 528.49 from 8 February when times were good, and no-one wasted all their days on a mobile phone. 

Nvidia software product manager Sean Pelletier promised the company will post a hotfix for the issue today 

AMD has a rather embarrassing issue on its hands with the latest high-end Radeon cards, which under the right circumstances, can totally tank a Windows installation and Windows 11 wiping its low end Radeon drivers. Maybe there is hope for Intel yet. 


Last modified on 07 March 2023
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