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Rome might allow ChatGPT to exist

by on14 April 2023

If it sorts out its privacy issues

ChatGPT could return to Italy soon if its maker, OpenAI, complies with measures to satisfy regulators who had imposed a temporary ban on the artificial intelligence software over privacy worries.

The Italian data protection authority, Garante has a list of requirements that OpenAI will have to satisfy by April 30 for the ban on AI chatbot to be lifted.

Garante last month ordered the company to temporarily stop processing Italian users' personal information while it investigated a possible data breach. The authority didn't want to hamper AI's development but emphasised the importance of following the European Union’s strict data privacy rules.

OpenAI, which had responded by proposing remedies to ease the concerns, welcomed the Italian regulators' move.

“We are happy that the Italian Garante is reconsidering their decision and we look forward to working with them to make ChatGPT available to our customers in Italy again soon,” a spokesOpenAI said.

In Italy, OpenAI must post information on its website about how and why it processes the personal information of users and non-users, as well as provide the option to correct or delete that data.

The company will have to rely on consent or “legitimate interest” to use personal data to train ChatGPT's algorithms, the watchdog said.

The Italian regulators had questioned whether there’s a legal basis for OpenAI to collect massive amounts of data used to teach ChatGPT’s algorithms. They raised concerns that the system could sometimes generate false information about individuals.


Last modified on 14 April 2023
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