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Google Fi gets another rebrand

by on20 April 2023

Fi, Fye, Fo, Fum

Search engine Google has decided that its mobile phone service needs yet another makeover and is going to give it its third in eight years.

For those who came in late, Google Fi was first called Project Fi, then Google Fi, and now it's "Google Fi Wireless." It has its third logo -- an "F" styled to look like sideways signal bars and in Google's trademark rainbow colours.

Google is providing a free trial mode and harnessing the power of remotely configurable eSIMs to give anyone with an eSIM-compatible phone a seven-day/10GB free trial of Google Fi. That makes it easy to run around and test coverage.

Google Fi is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) -- a mobile reseller -- of T-Mobile's network.

Google said that during the trial it will provide a new Fi number to try out on your phone, but your current number will still work.

During the trial, you can choose between Fi or a current network whenever you're calling, texting, or using mobile data.

You'll need to enter a credit card for the trial, and after seven days, you'll be automatically billed on a $50 "Simply Unlimited" plan. Google notes you can cancel immediately (this is just one or two taps inside the app) and will still get the seven-day trial, Google said.


Last modified on 20 April 2023
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