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Analysts warn that China will produce own semiconductors

by on07 June 2023

Will advance faster than the US expects expect

Chip industry analysts are confident that China can produce semiconductors even if the United States tries to block assess to its technology.

Research outfit Futurum Group CEO Daniel Newman said that China’s ability to resolve to find a way to build next-generation technologies and use older technology to create essential products should not be underestimated.

Centre for a New American Security vice president and director of studies Paul Scharre said that in the long run the world should expect the Chinese to be able to make these technological advancements. They may be able to do so faster than maybe others might expect

Needham & Company principal and senior Charles Shi noted that China had shown "good progress in making chips based on mature technology," a string of tech processes that build larger chips or legacy chips.

Shi added that the said chips were "increasingly important" in the auto sector. The 28-nanometer legacy chips are also used in consumer electronics, which Statista said is a market that generates the most revenue from China.

Scharre said there was an opportunity for China to capitalise on the "very healthy market for legacy, older model chips". At the same time, it worked on getting the resources necessary to build the latest, most advanced chips.


Last modified on 07 June 2023
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