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Realtek accuses MediaTek of being a robber baron

by on09 June 2023

Dirty deeds done dirt cheap

Realtek has filed a lawsuit against an alleged patent troll Future Link whom it claims worked in a conspiracy with MediaTek.

The case claims that Future Link filed multiple meritless lawsuits against Realtek to drain its resources during the pandemic.

These actions, Realtek said, drained its resources, made Realtek appear unreliable as a TV-chip supplier, and created "the harmful illusion of supply chain uncertainties in an already constrained industry."

Realtek claims that Future Link launched "an unprecedented and unseemly conspiracy" with the world's leading TV-chip supplier, Taiwan-based MediaTek, and was allegedly paid a "bounty" to file frivolous patent infringement claims intended to drive Realtek out of the TV-chip market.

Future Link "intentionally and knowingly" asked a US district court in Texas and the US International Trade Commission "for injunctions prohibiting the importation of Realtek TV Chips and devices containing the same into the United States," Realtek alleged. Realtek claimed that this allowed MediaTek to reap the benefits of diminished competition in that market.

MediaTek has officially responded to Realtek's allegations, vowing to defend itself against the lawsuit and claiming that MediaTek will supply evidence to dispute Realtek's claims.

But Realtek seems to mean business. It says it is not in it for the cash and will give the proceeds to charity. It likens MediaTek to "robber barons of the Industrial Age," allegedly seeking to destroy competition and secure a monopoly in the TV-chip market.


Last modified on 09 June 2023
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