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Simply NUC to double down on NUC innovation and growth

by on17 July 2023

Ramping its investment in mini PCs and NUC product line

While Intel has announced its intention to stop investment in the NUC lineup, Simply NUC has announced that it is prepared to take the lead and continue ramping its investment in the mini PC and NUC product lines, which means we will see more great systems in the future.

Simply NUC has been led by people that have been at Intel back when the NUC business was starting up, and recently it has launched some great mini PCs, based on both Intel NUC designs, as well as its own designs based on both Intel and AMD chips. Some of those products include the fanless Porcoolpine and Everglades, Topaz, and Emerald, as well as AMD-based Ruby and Moonstone.

"I am privileged to have helped start up the NUC business at Intel,” said John Deatherage CMO of Simply NUC. "Simply NUC has a strong portfolio of branded products and remains 100% focused and committed to delivering small form factor solutions.”

"We’ve come a long way with our own branded product lines,” said Aaron Rowsell coCEO of Simply NUC. "This year, I’m excited to say we’ve been pushing the envelope of innovation with AMD-based Moonstone – the highest performing 4x4 mini PC to ever launch; and we are working on an Intel-based 4x4 product line which will launch later this year that will achieve a completely new tier of NUC performance. With Simply NUC, we’ve got you covered.”

You can check out the full lineup over at Simply NUC and we are looking forward to seeing some new products from them.


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