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Microsoft kills off Calibri

by on14 July 2023

Replaced with Aptos

Microsoft is replacing its Calibri default font with Aptos, a new sans-serif typeface that's inspired by mid-20th-century Swiss typography known as Bierstadt.

Vole has been hunting for a new default font over the past couple of years. The software giant commissioned five new custom fonts for Office in 2021, and the Aptos font was picked as the default after years of feedback.

Si Daniels, a principal programme manager at Microsoft said: ""Today we begin the final phase of this major change where Aptos will start appearing as the new default font across Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel for hundreds of millions of users. And, over the next few months it will roll out to be the default for all our customers."

Aptos was created by Steve Matteson, a leading type designer. Matteson previously created Segoe, which was licensed by Microsoft to be used as the Windows default font. Microsoft first started using the Segoe UI font subfamily in Windows Vista, and it's still used in Windows 11 today. Matteson also worked on the development of the original Windows TrueType core fonts.

Calibr was first seen in a 2005 beta of Windows Vista, then codenamed Longhorn, and first became available for use with the Beta 2 version of Office 2007, released on 23 May 2006. Calibri and the rest of the ClearType Font Collection were finally released to the great unwashed  on 30 January 2007

In 2017, the font came to public attention as evidence in the Pakistani government-related "Panama Papers" case in which a document provided by Maryam Nawaz (daughter of ex-PM Nawaz Sharif) supposedly signed in February 2006 was found to be typed up in Calibri which meant that there was "zero chance" that the document was genuine.


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